The new 2020 office catalogue

Presenting the office code for 2020

The new Brado Office catalogue 
is a vast showcase, 
where everyone can find solutions 
that match their idea of the
perfect office, choosing from 
a wide range of seating systems 
that combine pioneering
technology with a sophisticated design.

And this consultation tool 
is now even easier to use,
with clearly divided up product images,
data and specifications.
PROVIDING SOLUTIONS,  not just products

There’s no problem that cannot be solved. That’s the philosophy Brado Office 
pursues when designing and creating its products.

Its seating components and complete chair kits, which can be assembled in
numerous different ways, adapt perfectly to any environment or space,
to any customisation requirements, and to customers’ individual
aesthetic preferences.

Brado Office therefore provides solutions, not just products: 

innovative ideas  resulting from pioneering research.
A clear, elegant and complete code.
The photographs of each model include icons that describe
the product’s main features (types of movement, stackability, color variations, overall dimensions).

Each model now has a QR code, which takes you directly to complete 
and up-to-date product information, so you can find out everything you need to know.

In addition to the items in the catalogue, there is also a summary table 
containing all the products currently on sale – a useful general recap, whatever the customer’s needs.