Intelligent, elegant, and good-looking.

CICERO is ideal for any work space, precisely because it’s not just any chair. It’s a high-qualityseating system, with a range of models in innovative colours and designs. 
Choose how to breathe life back into your environment by creating a bespoke chair with the perfect combination of different elements. 
You’ll be amazed at the possibilities CICERO can offer you. 
Cicero times ten, times a hundred, or times a thousand.
It’s time for new solutions and you can be sure
that CICERO has them all. 
The tilting or fixed bases are an excellent example.
But it is the overall effect – the way the various elements of the seating system interact in perfect harmony –
that has been researched to guarantee comfort and style,
without compromising on anything. Perfect both for operational use and for meeting rooms and desks.
Design: Orlandini Design & Brado Factory