Brado Plast

Nothing is created. Nothing is destroyed. Everything is transformed.
Brado Plast.
The future
according to Brado.

Brado has been increasingly focusing on sustainable production to improve its products and ensure an environmentally friendly production system.
BRADO PLAST is the division that develops new polymers PP (polypropylene) and PA (nylon) from recycled or regenerated materials.
100% recycled.

rinasco®, is Brado Plast’s first creation in partnership with a leading company in the eco and organic compounding sector. 
This polypropylene is entirely made from recovered materials, including regenerated post-industrial polymers and recycled post-consumer polymers. 
The latter (selected waste, such as packaging, textiles, toys) are transformed to meet the required quality standards.
Transforming waste into
an innovative material
in 5 steps.

The selection and transformation stages are carried out with the utmost attention.
Every recovered material is compounded, monitored, and analysed. The result is polypropylene whose strength and mechanical properties are equal to those of virgin PP.
Dedicated to all
those who prioritise
sustainable production.

Clients can use rinasco® to create their products. This innovative polymer allows anyone to step into the world of sustainable production and rely on the support of specialised technicians for any need and during any production stage.