Reading is always said
to be good for you.
But it also depends
what you read.
Reading is undoubtedly a good thing to do.
But it’s even better if you are perusing something
that is both enjoyable and useful at the same time.
Something like “Objects & Concept”,for example
- the magazine in which Brado tells its story and
presents all its latest news from both the Contract
and Office world.
A magazine that is singular
yet plural.
“Objects & Concept”, contains articles dedicated to the most recent collections, with comprehensive
technical information, detailed product images and clear summary tables.
It has entertaining articles regarding the company – fun, fresh and perfect for summer.
And it paints a picture of how Brado epitomises its
local region, the Valdobbiadene hills,
where patience and dedication to one’s work has always been at the heart of everything.
Browse here: “Objects & Concept” it’s got a lot to say, and plenty to offer.