What is MyBrado?

An interactive service that allows the Client to see the details of their work with Brado, updated in real time. Simple and user-friendly, Clients can consult these details online 24/7.

How to access

You need to activate a User account in the reserved area of brado.it
If, when you log in, this symbol –MyBrado Alert – appears on the top right, it means you don’t yet have access to the service. In such an event, click on the exclamation mark to go to the page where you can request activation of your account. If, on the other hand, this symbol – My Brado OK – appears, you have access to the service and may consult your details.

Is confirmation of registration necessary?

Yes, after activating a User account on brado.it, you need to send an email requesting confirmation to my@brado.it
This simple step will allow you to start using MyBrado straight away.

What services does it offer?

BUSINESS CONTACTS: see the contact details of your business contacts within Brado
CURRENT OFFERS: see current offers
PRICE LIST: see the price list with pictures of items
CONFIRMED ORDERS: see the list of open orders