The age of change

Like a living organism. That’s how Brado grows harmoniously, developing each part in relation to the other. For example, the recent relocation of some of our production activities has coincided with the adoption of advanced mobile and vertical storage systems. On the one hand, the increased production capacity has allowed us to expand the range of items included in the catalogue; on the other, the rationalised logistics improves order management every day, allowing us to meet even last-minute needs and requests. This homogeneous development of the supply chain, from the beginning to the end - design, technical analysis, testing, production, storage, delivery - results in that quick time to market, which our clients appreciate so much. An operating flow based on maximum efficiency because organised as an organic, homogeneous process.

Moreover, the company has also thought about how to welcome its guests, inaugurating the new and cosy dedicated space. This is Brado Museum, an 1200 sq.m showroom with a lounge and bar, independent meeting rooms, and even an actual museum where our most significant products of the past are displayed. Brado Museum is so much more than a showroom. It’s a place where to meet, exchange knowledge and ideas, and build professional relationships.

Faces / facce

It was a cheerful, lively, and exciting day for Brado, a day where we would give you a glimpse of who we really are. We are a company with high manufacturing standards and state-of-the-art machinery, of course. But above all, we are made up of people who share our experiences on a daily basis, and perform our jobs by working hard and having fun at the same time. This gave us the idea to have a photoshoot, which would bring us together to tell our story with a smile. Everyone together and enthusiastic to be here.