A tripartite vision.

Brado Contract

Hotels, waiting rooms, classrooms, libraries, shops, and public and private meeting places. BRADO seating components and kits finish off any space on the right note, with our vast range meaning you can always find the perfect solution.

We’re built on a series of counter-actions: we counter boredom, what people have already seen and what is common knowledge, with a series of shapes and colours that show us new possibilities. That’s the spirit with which we tackle the market.

Brado Office

Whether it’s informal – dynamic and always on the go – or formal – prestigious and a space that represents the company –, no office is complete without our components and Brado Office chair kits.

A sophisticated and never-banal design is combined with world-class technical solutions. Beauty and function are thus brought together in a valuable synergy, thanks also to research made possible by strong investments made by the company in the Office sector.

Brado Factory

So much more than just a place of manufacture, it is in the Factory that BRADO demonstrates just how unique it is. Indeed, it is here that ideas are discussed and experience is exchanged between designers, technicians, artisans, and production workers. From the creative stage to the testing of prototypes, right up to the manufacturing stage: these stages, all of which are equally as crucial, are followed closely by the Factory so as to achieve the best possible end result.

Brado Factory is first and foremost a mental place, a spirit that flows through the entire company. The Factory is present in every moment of intuition, discussion and exchange.